MEHRAM: [heavy, panicked breathing noises]

Hooooooooooooooooooo… okay.

Okay. I’m okay. I’m alive.

I’m alive.

That was… standing up seems to have triggered the lights. Or, the light, I guess, singular. There’s not any source that I can see. It’s just… there.

I’m standing in what looks like a corridor. The floors, walls and ceilings all look like they’re made out of some matte grey metal. It seems solid, but-

[A loud, clear tone]

Huh. It’s, uh, melodic. I just rapped it with my knuckles, and-

[The same tone again]

That’s… really weird. Is it hollow, or-

[A different one]

Wh- That wasn’t me. I didn’t touch it at all.

[The second tone]

Okay, there’s a good foot of space between me and the wall now. H-hello? Is anyone there?


It’s official, Ta. I’m really wigged out. Maybe it was machinery, or… something. I don’t know.

Um, the corridor… doesn’t seem to end. I’m looking in both directions, and I can’t see anything but grey. I’m… going to pick a direction and start walking. Left or right?

Right, yeah. Okay.


The light is still perfect. I don’t even think… yeah, I don’t have a shadow. It’s like it’s coming from the air itself-

[UNKNOWN]: Hello?